We are heading to the 10th season of bee keeping, it has become a passion of mine, starting with one hive as a hobby, it quickly became a business, now I have 101 Hives. That is six million honey bees. We now operate from a 1,000 sq ft Industrial unit, where we extract and jar the honey as well as make frames and all equipment needed for bee keeping. 

We are now taking orders for nucs to be delivered late March early April, 2019, these have been over wintered and look strong on last visit .

I am based in Liverpool and have hives all over the city, in peoples gardens, roof tops of office blocks and allotments.

I have been teaching bee keeping in a further education college also  private lessons for the past four years, the private course I run is ideal for those who want to do the course over a weekend.

To date all honey is jared by hand and labelled by hand.   All profits will be re invested in an automated bottling plant.

Think every time you purchase an item from beeshack you are investing in beeshack, and helping the enviroment.

Thank you for your support.







swarm of honey bees


Do you have a swarm of honey bees, if so they will look similar to these, hanging from a tree, fence post, hanging basket, well almost anywhere where they can cluster.

Please call for free removal, at the end of the year I will deliver a few jars of Honey to you.

Martin 07914 945 299